Click Positive dog training classes in the Laycock, Keighley area

Level Courses Entry Requirements Time Details Cost
1 Reactive Dog Dogs behaviour Issues 1900-2000 Reactive Dog Details 8 weeks £80
2 Canine Activities

Fun and canine games

2000-2100 Companion Dog Activities TBA

Classes are held on a Tuesday Evening at Laycock Village Hall Laycock, Keighley BD22 0PH

  1. Please respect and be nice to your dog.
  2. If your dog is sick dog please contact the trainer before attending class.
  3. Check collars / choke chains / slip collars are not to be used in classes.
  4. Martingale collars must be checked for fit regularly and should not be used in puppy classes.
  5. All dogs must wear an identification tag with their owners name address and contact mobile or telephone number - this is the law in the UK.
    However, some think it is best not to include the dogs name.
  6. No lead jerking.
  7. No pushing and pulling dogs.
  8. Flex i-leads are not suitable for class as they encourage pulling.
  9. Double ended leads are useful for dogs with head halters or harnesses as these can be used together with a flat collar.

Reactive Dog Class

  1. Reactive dog classes are mixed ability and roll-on roll-off so no waiting for a new course to start provided there is a space on a course.
  2. All dogs must ne controlled with two leads(or double ended lead) body harness, head halter or collar
  3. Each dog must be accompanied by two adults
  4. If possible please bring a muzzle to class that will fit your dog, if your dog is not trained to a muzzle this will be provided.

Canine Activities Class Coming Soon

  1. Dog are expected to have good recall and be able to walk nicely on a lead, know sit, down, wait and or stay cues.
  2. Obedience excesses will be practiced
  3. Games and tricks
  4. Targeting
  5. Scenting games
  6. Dancing moves
  7. Assistance dog activities
  8. All for fun and play


Laycock Village Hall Laycock, Keighley BD22 0PH

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