Dog Training and Behaviour Consultations

Click Positive Dog training is committed to gentle, kind reward based dog training. These methods are based on research into animal learning and training that spans 80 years. Over these years dog training has changed for the better, with humans respecting the dogs abilities and needs.

The aim of the training is to provide owners, puppies and dogs with the skills to ensure well behaved dogs.

Dogs and puppies are taught to be calm, confident and tolerate frustration, to listen, to know and follow the rules, to enjoy surprises and touching. The owner gains the skills to help their dog make the right choices, understand and respect their dog’s needs and rights.

The main training method used is SMART (See, Mark and Reward Training). The training tool kit contains many different modern, positive and force free training methods to achieve happy contented dogs who soon actively want to learn and will daily surprise you with his or her abilities.

Dog training is not a one-off event because a dog's behaviour will change over time for better or otherwise. If you continue work at training your dog will continue to improve. However, you need to be on the alert for new and unwanted behaviours and act quickly before they become hard-to-break habits, consequently Click Positive will allow previous graduates to attend refresher classes on 'pay-as-you-go' basis in the companion dog class.

Group Dog Training Classes

Dog and puppy training classes are held in the Keighley area.

One-to-one dog Training

Dogs with behaviours that make them unsuitable for group classes are offered one-to-one training prior to attending group classes immediately they are ready. If you are unable to attend classes due to other commitments then one-to-one training can be arranged. If several behaviours are needing to be trained a package of four classes can be arranged at a discount.

Dog Behaviour Consultations

Consultations are arranged at your home where your dog is in his/her normal surroundings and feel relaxes and able to to display normal behaviours.  The consultation may also include a walk in your normal walking area if appropriate to your problems. Depending in the problem the initial consultation will last about 2 to 3 hours with subsequent one hour sessions if needed.