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Beyond Dominance

Click Positive Dog training is committed to gentle, kind reward based dog training. These methods are based on research into animal learning and training that spans 80 years. Over these years dog training has changed for the better, with humans respecting the dogs abilities and needs.

Dogs aren't human and nor are they captive wild wolves, they are domesticated and no longer wild. Dominance is a relationship not an attribute of a dog.

Download this interesting book chapter by Dr. Sophia Yin.

Lure and Reward

Luring is used to teach the meaning of the human words called cues, while rewards are given immediately following a desired behaviour to reinforce that behavior. Lures are phased out once the dog understands what is required and rewards are phased out by asking the dog to do more and better for less until the reward is nolonger required.
Reward-based methods result in a better level of obedience with fewer behaviour problems than other methods (Hiby, Rooney and Bradshaw, 2004).